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Cat needs attention

A story in three pictures.

"My human is home! Maybe he’ll pay attention to me? Maybe sitting on all his physical therapy diagrams will help with this?"

"Ah, yes, the attention I crave. Let me explain to you where my face needs to be scratched."

"Now I am content."

kindervenom said: When you have a bad day, what is your favorite way to turn it around?

Hugs and comfort food.

My sources for in-person hugs are limited right now - pretty much Clio and the cats. (Who look at me with bemused tolerance when I hug them, but are pretty good about coming and rubbing up on me if I’m in a bad mood.) Since getting on Tumblr I’ve found that Internet hugs can be surprisingly effective.

And there are definitely certain foods that I can indulge in to improve my mood. Anything with lots of cheese is good - pizza, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Fried tofu. Yogurt with granola in it. Chocolate. Milkshakes. 

pandasize said: World class costume designers come together to make one cosplay of your choice (custom just for you)! What do you ask for?


I initially thought of Legion partly because I thought it would be an interesting and difficult challenge to design a costume of a robot with a see-through hole in its torso. Then I searched Google Images and discovered that challenge has been met. Holy crap there’s some amazing Legion cosplay out there.

But still, I love the character and its design. I find its look really striking (especially notable because I’m not very visual so how things look doesn’t make a strong impression on me that often). And, after all, none of the costumes in Google Images are mine, so I’d like one. :)

thoughtsappear said: If you could trade places with any fictional character for a day who would it be and why?

This was a tough one, because most fictional characters lead interesting lives, and I really like leading as boring a life as possible. So I might enjoy being Miles Vorkosigan on a slow day, but how many of those does he have?

So I’m going to go somewhat more obscure and pick Jeremy, the viewpoint character from Kelly Link’s "Magic for Beginners" (link is from her website, so should be kosher; the story is also available in her Magic for Beginners collection, which is superb). Reading that story always fills me with a melancholic longing to get to exist in that universe. (I think it makes me pine for my youth a bit, even though I’m usually pretty happy being 40+.) Ideally it would be a day when a new episode of “The Library,” the fictional show-within-a-story, is airing.

Now I want some people to discuss that story with. Anyone else read it? :)

Anonymous said: You're on a desert island, with your favorite console (conveniently solar-powered) and you only have ONE game. What game is it?

I do 90% of my gaming on PC, so the question is, does that count as a console? If it does, probably one of the Paradox historical games like Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 4. I could try to play every country! That ought to keep me occupied for however many months I’m on the island.

If we’re restricting to “real” consoles, probably one of the Rock Band games. I played Guitar Hero through Guitar Hero 3 pretty much to death, and then burned out on the plastic-instrument genre, but the desert island would give a good opportunity to get back into it and learn to play plastic drums.

In both cases I’d better have had a chance to prepare by downloading desired mods, patches, DLC, etc.

(My favorite PC game is Planescape: Torment, and my favorite console game is probably Katamari Damacy, but I would choose a different game due to longevity concerns. And I don’t think I could handle the emotional load of playing Torment again and again. Or I would get numbed and deadened to it and that would also be upsetting.)

sekritjay said: Where do you stand on custard, and is it advisable?

My official stance is pro-custard, with a slight preference for savory custards (quiche) over sweet custards. Partly this is because crema catalana is my favorite version of sweet custard, and the various flans and other creme brulees of the world seem a little unexciting by comparison.

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