So we just watched the first two episodes of Leverage…

Found family, witty dialogue, heists, feels already developing…

I’m in. :)

Mass Effect Graphics Battle - MEGB Tag
Round one ► One Character : David Anderson

"Human imagination rising to meet our desires. We pay a price for that curiosity, that drive. Our relationships suffer. People we love suffer. But that’s reality and it’s worth the cost. I must have thought it was…

I guess I still do.”

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Marcus, EDI, and the geth, or “Lost spreads the pain around.”

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probablylostrightnow said: 3 sentence prompt: EDI listens to music.


Purgatory vibrates. 

Organic sound waves are flexible things, stretching out and spiking at intervals that vary depending on species, on context—even on shape.

EDI sits in the bar, the unit’s visual sensors offline and hands spread across the small space in front of her, tracing the patterns that form, flare, and die away.  


Sure, I’ll watch the TMNT season finale, I said. Even though I’m still crying over the geth and EDI, I can take whatever this kid’s cartoon has to dish out, I said.



Marcus Resolves the Geth-Quarian Conflict, Part Two

In which Marcus surfs the Gethnet, takes down a Reaper, and then these recaps go to a dark place and I cry a lot. You have been warned.

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Sometimes all you need is a hug.

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Pierceaholic/Autumnyte’s 500 Follower Appreciation Giveaway


So, it seems 500 of you have made the questionable decision to follow this blog, and I’m glad you’re here.

Which means it is appreciation giveaway time! :)


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Jumbled fibro and Leverage replies…

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